Monday, March 29, 2010

Out with the oak!

We're taking the plunge and updating the kitchen after looking at ugly golden oak cabinets and dated countertops for over a year. We had originally budgeted to rip out the cabinets and put in all new beauties, but as fate would have it hubby was laid off again and we blew the budget on paying bills. Now that he's back to work we are eyeing our tax return and we realized that we had some money to play with. Along with a vacation and fixing our patio which looks like it's forming it's own set of Rockies (more about that later) we are going to spend part of it on our kitchen. Yea! When we moved into this house in 2008, we started by getting a few appliances and replacing the nasty-ass ones with stainless. The kitchen was a mess and had been "updated" by the Realtor and some fly by night outfit. The fridge that was left here had serious things growing in it, even after it had been 'professionally cleaned'. I should have taken pictures but it didn't last 24hrs after closing before I posted an ad on Freecycle and it went happily away to someone's garage.

So now while we have limited funds and I'm dreaming of granite, we've decided to go down the scary path of PAINTING. You heard it, painting the oak ourselves. Hubby and I. I know, crazy. And because I realize this could be disaster in the making, we have decided (umm, I have convinced hubby) that we should start with just the island as a starting off point. You know, test the waters, see if we are getting ourselves in way too deep. Crazy people? Yep, that's us. Did I mention that I have family coming to stay with us on Friday?

So here is a look at that ugly island.

Excuse the pizza boxes and weird angle. The Negotiator took it while he was playing with the camera a while back. I forgot to take 'Before' pictures and so this is about as good as it gets.

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