Wednesday, March 31, 2010

In progress

We (ahem, ok DH is actually doing it while I supervise) are still working on the island. We've DH added the beadboard, new trim, primer and two coats of a Martha Stewart onyx. It is drying while I type. Next step will be adding a sealer/clear coat and then putting the doors and drawers back together. I haven't decided yet whether I should sand some of the edges and add a glaze to those areas or leave it be as is. Here she is right before she got her second coat of paint:

I know, those countertops with wood trim are ugly. Can't wait to rip them off! But can't you see the improvement already?? Goodbye oak! Amazing...the power of paint.

Of course after the island we'll tackle the other cabinets and hope to do a white with a glaze. We've budgeted for a pretty granite counter and new sink. I tried to convince DH to agree to a farmhouse sink but for whatever reason he has a 'thing' about them so most likely a nice charcoal color sink. When we're done we're hoping for something like this:

But I'm also really digging these green ones.

What do you think???

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